A sausage is made from ground meats, minced at various levels of coarseness before being stuffed into a casing. The casing itself (and the casings that we ourselves use) are made of either lamb (for breakfast sausages) or pork intestines (for BBQ sausages), but there are synthetic varieties as well. Some sausages are cooked during processing and the casing may be removed after. Your Corner Butcher has a large selection of the freshest sausages in the Ottawa area made with All-Natural meats.

Breakfast Sausages

Breakfast Beef $10.88/LB $23.99/KG
Breakfast Maple Pork $12.70/LB $27.99/KG
Breakfast Pork $10.65/LB $23.49/KG
Breakfast Veal $18.59/LB $40.99/KG


Beef Sausages

Hot Italian $10.88/LB $23.99/KG
Sweet Italian $10.88/LB $23.99/KG
Moroccan Beef $13.15/LB $28.99/KG


Pork Sausages

Farmer's Pork $10.43/LB $22.99/KG
Garlic Pork $10.43/LB $22.99/KG
Pork G.T.O. (Garlic, Tomato & Onion) $12.24/LB $26.99/KG
Hot Italian $10.65/LB $23.49/KG
Mild Italian $10.65/LB $23.49/KG
Sugar Shack $12.70/LB $27.99/KG


Lamb Sausages

Chorizo (Lamb & Pork) $13.60/LB $29.99/KG
Garlic Lamb $16.10/LB $35.49/KG
Lamb & Mint $16.10/LB $35.49/KG
Lamb Merguez $16.10/LB $35.49/KG


Veal Sausages

Bratwurst (Pork & Veal) $16.78/LB $36.99/KG
Veal Florentine $18.14/LB $39.99/KG


Chicken sausages

Hot Chicken $13.79/LB $30.40/KG
Large Chicken $13.79/LB $30.40/KG
Chicken Tomato & Basil $13.79/LB $30.40/KG


Turkey Sausages

Turkey Bratwurst $15.76/LB $34.75/KG
Garlic Turkey $15.76/LB $34.75/KG


Specialty Sausages

Cocktail Sausages $17.69/LB $38.99/KG
Special Order (Min. 5LBS) $13.15/LB $28.99/KG
Blood Pudding $5.17/LB $11.39/KG

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