Beef is the culinary name for meat from bovines, especially cattle. Beef can be harvested from cows, bulls, heifers or steers. Beef is the third most widely consumed meat in the world, accounting for about 25% of meat production worldwide, after pork and poultry at 38% and 30% respectively. Beef muscle meat can be cut into steak, roasts or short ribs. Some cuts are processed (corned beef or beef jerky), and trimmings, usually mixed with meat from older, leaner cattle, are ground, minced or used in sausages. Your Corner Butcher is your source for all natural grass-fed beef in Ottawa.


Flank $17.46/LB $38.49/KG
Porterhouse $22.66/LB $49.95/KG
Rib $22.95/LB $50.60/KG
Rib-eye $25.22/LB $55.59/KG
Strip Loin $22.75/LB $50.15/KG
T Bone $22.20/LB $48.95/KG
Tenderloin $29.99/LB $66.11/KG
Top Sirloin $17.23/LB $37.99/KG
Pepper Steak $11.34/LB $24.99/KG



Bottom Round $9.29/LB $20.49/KG
Eye of Round $9.29/LB $20.49/KG
Pot Roast $9.19/LB $20.25/KG
Prime Rib $22.95/LB $50.60/KG
Rib Eye $21.99/LB $48.49/KG
Sirloin Tip $12.70/LB $27.99/KG
Top Round $9.29/LB $20.49/KG
Top Sirloin $14.63/LB $32.25/KG


Minced Beef

Bulk Minced Beef $5.89/LB $12.99KG
Lean Minced $6.32/LB $13.93/KG
Minced Steak - Extra Lean $12.92/LB $28.49/KG
Steak Tartar $43.99/LB $96.99/KG



Brisket Point $12.89/LB $28.41/KG
Beef Tournedos $39.99/LB $88.16/KG
Cubed - Brochette $13.60/LB $29.99/KG
Cubed - Stewing $10.20/LB $22.49/KG
Fat - Minced Suet $4.30/LB $9.49/KG
Fat - Tallow/Rendered Beef Fat $4.76/LB $10.49/KG
Fondu - Carpaccio $28.48/LB $62.79/KG
Fondu - Chinese $19.05/LB $41.99/KG
Fondu - Oil $16.32/LB $35.99/KG
Beef Jerky $45.26/LB $99.78/KG
London Broil $16.78/LB $36.99/KG
Oxtail $7.71/LB $16.99/KG
Rouladen $13.38/LB $29.49/KG
Shank $4.94/LB $10.89/KG
Shishkabob $13.60/LB $29.99/KG
Short Ribs $8.61/LB $18.99/KG
Spareribs $7.25/LB $15.99/KG
Stir-Fry $13.38/LB $29.49/KG



Beef Heart $4.42/LB $9.75/KG
Kidney - Rognon $2.72/LB $5.99/KG
Liver - Fois $3.40/LB $7.49/KG

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